The Love Collect


To all the mothers, daughters, best friends, significant others:

The personalized, initial jewelry signify the intimate bond between two people. It celebrates what it means to love, and to support.  It commemorate what it means to remember and show appreciation. Similar to a picture locket, this is a symbol of cherished memories that you can touch, wear and see.  These moments, where we graduate from college, we marry, we give birth and we age are stories that will be documented. Together, we create an interconnected web of universal experiences that captures the essence of human emotions. Let's share our stories over on Instagram, through the hashtag #thelovecollect (of which some will be featured on the blog of this website). There, we will raise each other up through all the personal encounters of the good and beauty of humanity.  

Love, Joyce

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Pause. Think about a loved one who has stood by you and who has supported you throughout your life journey.

Reach out. Send a love note with the personalized bracelet or necklace, immortalizing a special moment - however big or small.

Create a community. Celebrate your stories with many others through the hashtag #TheLoveCollect. Let’s start a movement to celebrate the little things that make life worthwhile.

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Head over to the blog for a dose of positive vibes, and be inspired by these beautiful stories people are sharing from all over the world. They will make your heart tug, and fill it up with warmth and fuzziness.