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This is for you. I believe in building community, and friendship whether online or offline. These free guides are put together meticulously with the intent to share knowledge I've accumulated over time to help you along your journey of creating. Whether you are pursuing your calligraphy journey as a hobby, or running it as a business, I believe these will be insightful to you. Share with me your revelations on Instagram @joycechiang_, let's create together!

Kickstart Your Calligraphy Journey.jpg

Kickstart Your Calligraphy Journey

Want to learn calligraphy but don't know where to start? A FREE guide to all the essentials you need, an extensive list for what to buy, where to buy and how to use them!

Calligraph for All Surfaces.jpg

Calligraphy for All Surfaces

Have you been wondering what materials to use to write calligraphy on different surfaces? Grab the FREE guide to an extensive list of tools I use daily!

Floral Wreath Template

Floral Wreath Template

Use this FREE floral wreath template to create your own vow books, stationery cards, monogram design ... be creative!